What i see
You’ll need to see
Along the way to flee
Beliefs that makes us free
From  frozen dark world into
Beautifully captivated under bliss
Everybody seeking for validation
Chasing worth being unworthy
Hopeless to feel only sensation
You want nobody to be you
Emptiness just needs you
Your empathy to deal …
cope up with all things
For the way you  feel
Stupidity lost in maturity
Somewhere eyes got reality
Is that what i see …
self love is the only way
Nobody is guaranteed to us
Take responsibility of being you
Add more colours you can
Follow the dreams yourself
You want to be loved be  lovable
Seeking for attention be the ;
Only eye catcher …
Feel broken make yourself
Complete to heal ;
Fall again rise in the dark
Never complain to be last
Accept you the way you are
Be teachable to yourself
Hold yourself tighter
When no one’s around
Downfall will happen again
You’ll have only you
So be only what r u?
You need you to be you !
You’ll need to see
We all fail see
Is that what i see..


Let’s talk about life we are heading with purpose full hope and anxiety still don’t give the perfect idea about life…

Everybody living for being considered and proving themselves often at every point ahead. we are just doing things thinking it would make the life easy  we don’t live for ourseleves what we love doing our mind is set to prepared doing right and being right we forget even making efforts to live the way we want .. it won’t ever end things will become little less complicated …

Here I’m in my 20s and lot of things goes on in my head that how my life supposed to be ? Is this things will take me to what I want ..!!.
I should speak this way or that way .life sets logistic rules on which we should walk ..life is just unpredictable and lies that’s makes us go ahead and hope is what makes us alive we all have to bear …
We keep regretting and complaing  everything is so destined unless u do incredible…yeah this is true I’m not what I show to be I’m more of what I don’t !…

There’s lot of curiosity of me inside keeps digging everytime I wanna see world and explore everything out … yet here I’m doing nothing I’m lot like day dreaming but that’s all my heart ask to be but who doesn’t like to dream …?



In my deepest dreams
Caged within heart
I dream to fly High
Under the light of skies

Out of unboxed threshold
trapped under deepest lie
Says we all couldn’t fly …
If life wasn’t meant on
Geometrical phase !

You fails being ashamed
Mortality goes High!
Rate is much steeper
Just being on sight..

We all differ in within
So does being in Clown
Held by strings of unknown
Search for deepest dark
You’ll find the treasure
Asking for u since long !

## let the dreams fly and sorrow


Wake me up
When you are ready
To listen my chronicle
I’m falling dreaming
In your miracles
Under hideous night
Playing hide n seek
In my dreams …
Seems more lustrous
Then rushes we been
With beautiful beasts
Haunting my past
I call for the name
Which existed lived
back in there
Holding my past
Oh I’m here again
To feel it lasts
Lost again there
Where I have been
Everything Feels real ..
Like it never gleamed
Here I’m lost again
In the shades of woods
Following my hues
Call me back
To the reality
Wake me up
When you are
Ready to sneak
Into my spirituality


As a woman,
I’m ashamed of people
I’m shrieked into voices
Of terrible insights
Taking me down
Knocking me out
Into driven reality
I’m shivering to walk
At nights when it clocks
There’s no creature
There’s elf hiding
Inside name of man
Oh how disregarded
I feels assaulting
Behind zest of man
More like creature
Than like a man
It’s women out there
Who needs it to defame
Raise your voices
Against horrible sin
It’s time for you
To glow and dim

Are we all aware of reality ?Or we have lost humanity

Humanity has being disguised
In the name of humans
Yesses we are the one
To destroy and embellish
We are the creators
Of wars, violence
We are the believers
We are the escapists
For the culture and society
We are the believers
To digest sin and assault
Yes you heard right
we all are convicted to sin
We are failures for
Our mother earth …
Where animal are worshiped
Now we have become animals
Everything is polluted
And we are the culprits
did we forget our humanity
Murdering and assaults
are being served every morning
Every night there is crime
did we all have become
Habitual to digest it
Raising voices through
Social media platforms
showing and posting
In the name of humanity
Is this sufficient
Going through trends
My dear listen there are
Millions of cases unrecoverable
Are we aware of reality ?
Or have become curse.
In the name of humanity
We live in the fake reality
Yet we are okay to digest it.

2020(asking for cost of lives)

This year Summer is inevitable, monsoons looks so pale roads are empty where animals seem uncaged. Winters also dread at morning looking Charms Earth goes so fade. Some died, yet we are alive how many times we keep fighting for this divine horizon and how much it costs us to be back at lives. Un embellished festivals of God,will Holy going to go colorless this time people asking for backing of lives at pace how much you will take from this year to dim will be ever be back to our lives ….?

[Drove me back to
The place , time
Serenity ,& saline
Back to the lives
Away from tussle]


I wanna flew away
Break the stereotype.
Fall , fall then again rise
Like a darkness searching
For the light ..

I too wanna  live in
Peaceful delights …
Time to takeaway to
The forever rides
Seeking myself
In the loneliest skies

Tired of lessons
And teachings to fight
Enough of  traumas
Let me fall n fall
Again to rise..
Break the stereotype

I wanna flew away
High in the sky …


The night was dark and,
I was in my lane …

Where everybody fall asleep
I was in my way

Waiting for the sun to rise….

my mind got freezed in my own thoughts hold me on the way…..

Where I was puzzled on my desire
Still searching for the way as on the lane …..
I found myself caged in my dreams on this dirty phase!!

I looked around and everything seemed to be vanished as my dreams and,
Everything disappeared like my dreams was never on the way ….

I tried to recall that night but
It meant to flew away as my dreams on the way……


This is not something I wanted omen
Not a cupcake with drops of rain
I wanted something out insane
Not a lil bit smeels of heavy scent
With you all this time I won …
And lost against the game of
These dirty pranks …..
World threw after me …
Stretching , tearing me apart
On this line I went again & again …
Further the way more foggy in vain
Is it ok to go again & again
For this heaven land …
Don’t know where’s gonna start off
Don’t know Where’s gonna ends